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Welcome to our web site!

I want to take this opportunity to explain why we are offering these labels and to express our faith to all who visit this site.I am a Christian and proud to say so. I fully believe we should offer our testimony to all who will listen, so that we can show the wonder of our Lord Jesus Christ.
I hope I can offer some inspirational messages, some things that are fun and interesting, along with some helpful links about prostate & breast cancer and help for veterans.
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Hello Friends,
My name is Ernie, I am an Air Force Veteran and served my country from 1969 -1973.
I am totally disabled with prostrate cancer and hate having to rely on disability. It is also very hard to survive only on a disability check.
I love the Lord with all my being and have tried to think of ways to support myself and spread the "Word". In a time of great need I was taken in by "The Steps House" orginazation and given shelter and food and fellowship and would also love to repay them in some way.

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